Extraordinary Renewal.

All Baptised are Sent.

The Extraordinary Mission Month (October 2019) seeks to engage all faithful into formation and mission.


It is not an end in itself, but a means to revitalise, renew and reawaken ongoing commitment to the life and mission of the Church. It provides an opportunity to focus on missionary renewal across four domains: encounter, testimony, formation and action. 

Why the Extraordinary Mission Month?

October is already established in the minds and hearts of the universal Church as Mission Month. However, this year, it will have even greater significance. The Holy Father has announced October 2019 as the Extraordinary Month of Mission. It will be an extra-special month of prayer and action to help strengthen and grow God’s Mission and the Church.

Awakening and reinvigorating mission.

Awakening the awareness of the missio ad gentes (mission to the nations), and reinvigorating the sense of responsibility for proclaiming the Gospel with new enthusiasm, are themes that combine the pastoral concern of Pope Benedict XV in Maximum Illud with the missionary vitality expressed by Pope Francis in his recent writings Evangelii Gaudium (Joy of the Gospel) and Christus Vivit (Christ is Alive).

Why and How?

The Extraordinary Mission Month seeks to achieve four aims:

  1. To encourage Catholics into a deeper relationship with Jesus through prayer.

  2. To look to, and learn from, the actions and sacrifices made by our saints, martyrs and living missionaries.

  3. To rediscover and renew our understanding of overseas mission (ad gentes).

  4. To financially support overseas mission.

It calls all Baptised and Sent to focus on four dimensions of formation and mission. Explore them in the diagram and see how you can live them out this October.

Let's get started.

Check out our resources to support you in realising the aspirations of the Extraordinary Mission Month.

Extraordinary Mission Month Prayer

Heavenly Father,

when your only begotten Son Jesus Christ

rose from the dead,

He commissioned His followers

to ‘go and make disciples of all nations’

and you remind us that through our Baptism

we are made sharers in the mission of the Church.


Empower us by the gifts of the Holy Spirit

to be courageous and zealous

in bearing witness to the Gospel,

so that the mission entrusted to the Church,

which is still very far from completion,

may find new and efficacious expressions

that bring life and light to the world.

Help us make it possible for all peoples

to experience the saving love and mercy of Jesus Christ,

who lives and reigns with you

in the unity of the Holy Spirit,

One God, forever and ever.


It's not just us.

The Extraordinary Mission Month is a worldwide initiative.


Go to the october2019.va website to access to all of the resources from the Pontifical Mission Societies and stay up to date with Extraordinary Mission Month news.

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